Best Survey Plugins for WordPress: 2024’s Updated List

In the ever-changing competitive digital world, defining your targeted audience is a great priority. Simply put, it is your key to successful campaigns and strategies leading to your company’s growth. When using WordPress smoothly navigating the online platform by getting thorough details, providing a better user experience, and conducting website operations will help you outshine your competitors. Currently, we face fast changes in the digital arena, survey plugins come in handy to help website owners leverage the greatest features of these tools to effortlessly receive valuable user data, complete market research, and, finally, boost user satisfaction.

As data-driven business strategies are becoming more and more widespread in today’s world, you should select the right WordPress survey plugin. This will not only promote your brand awareness on the online platform but will smoothly connect you to your clients which is a big step to break the ice in the B2C relationship. And if you use WordPress then choosing the right survey plugin is a matter of a short research process. This is to define your needs and find a perfect suite of features that will perfectly fit your business goals. So, in this article, we have collected the best survey plugins for WordPress to use in 2024.

Why Use Surveys on WordPress?

Using these gamification elements on WordPress has a wide array of advantages you can not ignore when starting a firm relationship with your customer base.

  • High user engagement: Surveys approve a high response rate leading to effective data collection.
  • Boosted user retention: Seeing a gamification element on your site users are more likely to participate in it knowing that it will bring them a certain value. This efficiently works especially in the case of educational and reward surveys.
  • Collected honest feedback and reviews: Making customers become the decision-makers of the user-centric company is a big step toward increased sales. So, asking customers to leave their honest feedback about your product or service will help you to improve your business’s operational quality by providing a more convenient atmosphere for users to make a purchase.
  • Targeted data collection: Gamification surveys will greatly contribute to data quality. The motivated users will correctly and thoroughly answer the questions leaving data you need for future marketing campaigns.
  • Strong sense of community: Through surveys, users can discuss their recent experience with your products or services which will definitely foster a strong sense of community thus enhancing customers’ trust and loyalty.

Best Survey Plugins for WordPress

Implementing surveys on your WordPress site encourages clients’ participation in your brand development. It makes your website more interactive and engaging thus boosting user integration and ongoing retention. So, taking into account all the benefits of surveys, we have prepared for you the best survey plugins list.

1. Survey Maker

Survey Maker Plugin

In the first place in our best finds’ list is Survey Maker. Being a quite feature-rich tool it scores more than 4,000 active installations having a proven 5-star rating on the WordPress plugin directory.

Being tailored for data collection and analysis, this plugin provides users with a smooth survey-making experience with quick and effective results. You do not need to have advanced technical skills. It is just a matter of writing your selected questions and configuring default settings, and your highly converting surveys will be ready to go viral.

Its mobile-friendly design and attractive interface will provide a smooth user experience ensuring it serves its main purpose on any device.

The WordPress Survey Maker plugin offers more than 18 question types, such as:

  • Checkbox
  • Radio
  • Short text
  • Number
  • Star rating and list
  • Matrix and Linear scales, etc.

Also, you can create multi-page surveys with an unlimited number of sections to include as much information as you wish. This result-oriented approach will ensure you get quality results with real-time reports for in-depth data analysis.

Aside from this, you have an opportunity to customize survey designs and implement conditional logic for a more personalized survey appearance.


The WordPress Survey Maker plugin is available both in free and pro versions. The paid plans enable website owners such advanced features, as analytics through charts, conditional results, survey scheduling, retargeting options, displaying user’s submissions history through shortcodes, etc. Here are the pricing plans:

  • Business – $49
  • Developer – $129
  • Agency – $249

2. WPForms

WPForms Plugin

Moving forward, we would like to present one of the most famous plugins on WordPress – WPForm. Currently, it hits over 5 million active installations on WordPress allowing you to create not only attractive surveys but also contact forms, quizzes, polls, etc.

The WPForms plugins come with a highly functioned drag-and-drop WordPress Survey plugin addon. This enables you to build various types of survey fields, such as star ratings, multiple-choice, scale, etc. To analyze the survey results, you have a reporting option with a plethora of customization options.

The ready-made surveys can be placed on any part of your website with shortcodes.


WPForms offers a wide variety of survey features, such as spam protection, responsive design, entry management, smart surveys, etc., available in the plugin’s pro version. To access these advanced features, you should activate one of the existing pricing plans:

  • Plus – $199
  • Pro – $399
  • Elite – $599

3. Quiz and Survey Master

Best Survey Plugins for WordPress

The third plugin from our list is Quiz and Survey Master. With this plugin, you can present engaging content through various types of surveys serving as an alternative tool for Marketing.

Multiple question types, such as true and false, drawdowns, multiple choice, captcha, etc. and seamless customization options make this plugin a go-to survey-making process even for WordPress beginners.

With its advanced features, you can totally customize the survey content, including button texts. Also, you are able to make adjustments on the results page. Sending automatic emails once users pass your survey is a very handy feature to keep connecting with your website audience smoothly.


The Quiz and Survey Master plugin’s pro version with 10+ integrations and 30+ addons is available at this pricing:

  • Basic – $129 per year
  • Plus – $179 per year
  • Pro – $199 per year

4. Modal Survey

Modal Survey Plugin

You can implement an unlimited number of surveys with questions and answers through the Modal Survey plugin. Being developed by the Envato Elite Author, it is presented on CodeCanyon and has various advanced features to use on WordPress.

You can visualize all the survey questions on the same graph. This is to showcase survey results effectively.

The plugin is highly compatible with GDPR. Not only does the Modal Survey plugin increase your sales, but it also provides great entertainment for your users. The quizzes and surveys made with this plugin can be shared on Social Networks enhancing their popularity and your website traffic.

This plugin is highly customizable enabling you to make changes in survey styles and layouts, such as leverage more than 650 Google font styles, change font sizes, padding, border, background, etc. Also, you can implement AJAX-based surveys into your website to ensure a better user experience.

For quick setup and editing, the plugin also offers a Live Preview option.


The Modal Survey plugin does not offer a free version to activate on your WordPress site. Its comprehensive features are available in the paid packages at this pricing:

  • Regular License – $89
  • Extended License – $295

5. Poll, Survey, and Quiz Plugin by OpinionStage

Best Survey Plugins for WordPress

Last but not least plugin from our list is OpinionStage scoring more than 10,000 active installations. It is a multi-functional plugin offering to build opinion polls, feedback surveys, and various types of quizzes.

Working with this plugin is quite easy enabling website owners to enable image and video files into the surveys, customize their styles and layouts, as well as add custom CSS to make your planned changes. You can display survey results in real-time, receive notifications about new survey submissions, get beneficial use of 3-rd party integrations, etc. The plugin’s responsive design will ensure smooth usage on any device.


The WordPress Poll, Survey, and Quiz plugin by OpinionStage offers both free and Pro versions to activate on your website.

The Pro packages are for those who want to use this plugin with the whole plethora of features including comprehensive survey analytics and personalized experience. Here are the paid version’s pricing plans:

  • Starter – $25 per month
  • Business – $79 per month
  • Performance – $249 per month

To Wrap Things Up…

It is of high importance to understand your targeted audience needs when building a certain business strategy. Being a widely used and very user-friendly content management system WordPress is initially meant to ease online content creation. So, there are plenty of free and pro plugins that enable you to build any kind of element on your website even without having programming skills.

So, among these helpful tools, you will find WordPress survey plugins. They can be used for different purposes, starting from getting feedback on a product or service, enhancing user experience, or collecting customer data for marketing campaigns. You name it…

In this article, we have highlighted all the feature-rich advanced tools to navigate you through hundreds of survey plugins available for installation on WordPress. All you need to do is find which of them matches your website more and start enjoying an easy survey-making process on WordPress.

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