Best WordPress Giveaway Plugins | 2024’s List

In the rapidly evolving world of digitalization and creative content creation, audience engagement becomes an ultimate tool. Giveaways are effective instruments for obtaining new visitors and developing loyalty programs thus boosting business sales. Many users prefer WordPress to all other available platforms. This is because the number of plugins is enormous now in the marketplace and is based on specifically the giveaway needs. With these plugins, you can give easy access to entry submissions, track lucky winners, and help in winning promotions. So, in this article, we are going to get familiar with the best WordPress giveaway plugins.

1. RafflePress

Best WordPress Giveaway Plugins

RafflePress is a powerful WordPress giveaway plugin scoring more than 20,000 active installations on WordPress. The plugin will help you increase your online visibility through interactive contests and giveaways. It focuses on growing your email list, website traffic, and social media followers using the power of viral campaigns.

Key Features

  • User-Friendly Interface: To ensure user-centricity, the producers of RafflePress have come up with a drag-and-drop content builder that makes it easy for you to create campaigns. 
  • Pre-built Templates: The templates are inspired by successful campaigns and they favor specific objectives which greatly saves your time.
  • Verified Bonus Actions: One can reward participants who complete bonus actions such as video views or social media follows thus inspiring them for more. 
  • Built-in Viral Sharing: To reach out further organically you can encourage participants to share the giveaway. 
  • Email Marketing Integration: This will allow for a smooth blending of such platforms as MailChimp and AWeber. Consequently, this integration involves promoting leads while transforming competition participants into loyal subscribers.
  • Mobile Responsive and SEO Friendly: With this plugin, you can optimize performance on different devices, and increase search engine visibility. 
  • Social Logins and Email Verification: Also, Rafflepress simplifies signup processes while enhancing security and authenticity.
  • Customization and Extension: With this tool, you can personalize contests from social media involvement to subscriptions via email. The plugin offers extensive customization options for creating contests that match the user’s brand or marketing goals.


Along with a feature-rich free version, you can highly benefit from the RafflePress plugin’s Pro features ensuring a 14-day money-back guarantee and available at this pricing:

  • Plus – $79 per year
  • Pro – $199 per year
  • Growth – $399 per year
  • Ultimate – $999 per year

2. ContestsWP

ContestsWP Plugins

ContestsWP is a powerful WordPress plugin aimed at making the process of conducting contests on WordPress websites easier. Hitting a full 5-star rating on WordPress, the plugin is great for running promotions both for a small audience and a large-scale campaign serving diverse needs.

Key Features

  • Front-End Contest Form: Easily customizable contest forms empower users to take part in it. ContestsWP offers a user-friendly front-end contest form that can be customized to suit specific branding requirements.
  • Admin Management: With this plugin, you can streamline contest administration with features like code management and contestant tracking. 
  • Mailchimp Integration: You can integrate with Mailchimp to enhance email marketing efforts and subscriber engagement. By syncing contest entries with their email marketing platform, it is therefore easier for the leads to be promoted as participants.


Besides activating the plugin’s free version, you will highly benefit from its paid advanced features. These include multiple contest setups, custom form fields, CAPTCHA support, and more making the ContestsWP plugin even more useful. The paid version is available at this pricing:

  • First License – $5.99 per month
  • Second License – $49.99 per year
  • Lifetime License – $149.99 

3. MyRewards

MyRewards WordPress Plugin

Next up is MyRewards by LongWatchStudio as one of the best giveaway plugins. This plugin is an all-in-one platform where you can create various giveaways and motivate your customers to return to your store. You can create unlimited giveaway programs for different purposes and occasions: customers spending money, first order, referrals, product reviews, coupons, and many more. Unlike other plugins, MyRewards does not have limitations on your customers and products or the number of programs you initiate.

How can you reward your customers? MyRewards offers various ways to ensure high customer retention rates in your store. Here are some of the most common options you have at hand: free products, immediate discounts, coupons, free shipping, and badges. Do you have something else in mind? MyRewards has got you covered: with its “Custom Rewards” option, create your unique way of rewarding your customers. 

Key Features

  • Unlimited Programs & Customers: Experience the power of MyRewards with no limits. Create as many programs as it takes you to build a loyal customer base. Similarly, engage as many customers as you want for your giveaways. 
  • Earning Points: Easily choose how your customer can earn points and gifts on your website. If you need to bring more customers to your store, then referrals might be your ideal choice. The other ways are placing orders, social shares, birthdays, reviews, and website interactions. 
  • Various Incentives: Choose the best method for rewarding your customers for their actions on your online store. If none of the options meets your specific needs, you are free to customize your unique incentivizing offers. 
  • Loyalty Program: Alongside giveaways, develop your unique loyalty program to capture more customers and enrich your loyal base. 
  • Advertising Offers: Make sure everyone is in the loop on your latest offers, leveraging the advertising options by MyRewards. Create product pages, a dedicated section on the “My Account” page, send informative emails, use popups, or choose from the 20+ shortcodes to display your offers. 
  • Multi-Currency Support: MyRewards is compatible with most of the multi-currency plugins. Enter any currency you want to work with, and MyRewards will handle it automatically. 
  • 10+ Add-ons: If you want to enhance the functionality of MyRewards further, leverage the add-ons available within the plugin. 


MyRewards has developed pricing, having businesses of all needs in mind. It offers four paid plans: Monthly, Annual, Lifetime, and Web Agency. The first two plans come with a one-month free trial for you to understand if it’s what you need. The main difference across the plans is the number of domains they support. You can activate up to 2 domains with the “Monthly” and “Annual” plans and up to 3 domains with “Lifetime. “Web Agency” supports an unlimited number of domains. 

4. Simple Giveaways

Best WordPress Giveaway Plugins


Simple Giveaways is another plugin from our best list of WordPress giveaway plugins. It focuses on hosting user-friendly giveaways and contests to drive business growth. 

This plugin scores more than 800 active installations on WordPress. It impacts the expansion of email lists, website traffic, and social media followers through engaging campaigns. 

Key Features

  • Dedicated landing page for contests: The landing page promotes giveaways that can be easily shared being independent of the main website. 
  • Optimized referral share: You can encourage participants to share unique referral links to increase site traffic and engagement. 
  • Simple Giveaways promotes word-of-mouth marketing and drives organic growth through social sharing.
  • Certain actions automatic verification: This feature ensures genuine participation. Simple Giveaways automatically verify the actions by enhancing the validation process and the integrity of the contest. 
  • Social logins and Email verification: The plugin highly simplifies the signup process while improving security and authenticity. Simple Giveaways offers social login options and email verification streamlining the signup process and preventing fraudulent entries. 
  • Customizable campaigns: With the Simple Giveaways plugin, you can customize competitions with various actions from social media engagements to email subscriptions. 


One of the main benefits of the Simple Giveaways plugin is that it is totally free to activate and use on your WordPress site.

5. Gratisfaction

Gratisfaction Plugin

Gratisfaction stands as a WooCommerce plugin scoring more than 1000 active installations. It is dedicated specifically to boosting customer loyalty, increasing sales, and optimizing interactions between customers and your store. 

Key Features

  • Loyalty Rewards Program: With this plugin, you can develop tailored loyalty programs that drive purchases and referrals by awarding points. 
  • Referral Campaigns: Engage in single or double-sided referral programs to create more of a customer base. Gratisfaction’s incentive-based referral motivation system makes existing customers promote the brand and thus acquire new customers and natural expansion.
  • Birthday and Event Rewards: Celebrate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc., and reward them to build customer loyalty and brand loyalty.
  • Social Sharing and Engagement: The plugin enables the enlargement of brand reach and popularity across the social media network.
  • Instant Win Campaigns: Retain active individuals by recognizing their actions. Gratisfaction has instant win campaigns where its participant is rewarded for activities like sign-ups, shares, and referrals.
  • Customizable Templates: Templates are pre-built or create specific campaigns that match exactly to the goals. 
  • Integration and Compatibility: Gratisfaction is compatible with the leading email service providers and WooCommerce extensions.


The Gratisfaction plugin is totally free for 100 loyalty members. However, starting from 500 loyalty users, you should activate one of the pro plans of this plugin. The prices vary from $49.95 to $499 per month for 25000 loyalty members. 

To Wrap Things Up…

Creating contests on your WordPress site can be a game changer by helping attract more traffic, visitors, and contact information to your website. The giveaway plugins that come in a variety of options provide the platform to run campaigns immediately. Whether you’re an experienced marketer or a blogger, these WordPress giveaway plugins are the best for your brand to help you seamlessly connect with your audience virtually.

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