5 Best ChatGPT Plugins in 2024

In this ever-evolving business environment, consumer behavior constantly changes and strives for simplicity. At the same time, businesses seek simpler solutions and new automation strategies. And that’s when artificial intelligence comes in handy. From written texts to different types of images and trained chatbots, everything is now a matter of a few clicks.

If you haven’t already added AI to your WordPress and practice, this is your chance to discover the best options for you. In this article, learn about 5 of the best ChatGPT plugins in upcoming 2024 and grab an online assistant for you. Let’s dive in!

1. Social Intents

The best ChatGPT Plugin on WordPress plugin directory

Social Intents takes the top spot as one of the best ChatGPT plugins. It provides the best AI experience by letting you train ChatGPT on your own data and tailor it to your business needs. What sets this chatbot apart is the ability to create hybrid chatbots that allow you to escalate chats to humans on Slack, Google Chat, Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams. Likewise, you can have the chatbot pick up when you are offline or when your human agents are not available. This way, you will ensure your customers’ inquiries never remain unanswered. 

Social Intents is built with businesses of all needs and sizes in mind. It takes less than a minute to set up the plugin and start using it right away. The plugin comes with a beautifully designed widget that you can add to multiple websites and have unlimited live chat agents. 

Key features

  • Chat from Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Chat, Zoom, Webex
  • Hybrid AI chatbots, chatbots + live chat
  • Trained chatbots
  • Email and Desktop push notifications
  • Highly customizable
  • Online and Offline Forms
  • Unlimited live chat agents


Social Intents has four plans for businesses of all sizes. The “Starter” plan is best for industry beginners as it comes with one chat widget, three agents, and 200 monthly conversations. The “Basic” plan best suits medium-sized teams: it has two widgets, unlimited agents, and 1000 conversations per month. If you want to go beyond these numbers, you can try out the “Pro” and “Business” plans. Within “Pro,” you can access five chat widgets and 5,000 conversations. With “Business,” have up to 10 widgets and 10,000 conversations. Social Intents has a 14-day free premium trial that you can use to make a well-informed decision. 

2. WordPress ChatGPT ChatBot Plugin

One of the best ChatGPT plugins and assistants on WP

WordPress ChatGPT ChatBot Plugin takes the second place as one of the best ChatGPT plugins in the market. This plugin takes your customer support to another level and becomes your personal dashboard right into your WordPress dashboard. The chatbot learns your website content and can help your customers with a wide range of inquiries regarding your product features, troubleshooting, and general questions. Imagine having a chatbot for WordPress that can regularly analyze your website’s content and provide assistance tailored to your specific needs.

This plugin works seamlessly both in the front end for your customers and in the back end for you. Generate content, HTML and CSS codes, or any other programming codes with a few clicks. 

Key features

  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Responsive design
  • Unlimited number of conversations (simultaneously)
  • Quick adaptation and training
  • Instant responses
  • Text to speech for response
  • Multilingual Support
  • Affordable


WordPress ChatGPT ChatBot Plugin has two plans: “Business” and “Developer.” You will need to make a one-time payment for your preferred plan and use it for a lifetime. The “Business” plan costs $39 and supports five sites and unlimited conversations. Experience the advanced features of the plugin with no limits with “Developer,” which costs only $103. Hurry up to purchase the plugin, as the sales are time-limited. 

3. Handywriter

one of the best chatgpt plugins - Handywriter's page on WordPress

Handywriter is your go-to if you want everything in just one place. From content generation and image generation to text-to-speech and plagiarism checker features, everything is possible to do with this plugin. Each feature is integrated into WordPress, so you don’t have to navigate through dashboards. Handywriter makes the user experience as smooth as possible, providing integration that feels native: you can bring AI to your WordPress without even leaving it. Both the block editor and the classic editor are supported.

Alongside its rich set of tools, Handywriter is also user-friendly with its easily customizable content templates for various purposes: that’s why it is considered one of the best ChatGPT plugins in the market.

Key features

  • Content Generation: Streamline your content creation process with Handywriter, an innovative tool that simplifies blog post generation. Just input a blog title, and Handywriter generates the content for you, ready to be refined and published. This feature not only speeds up content production but also enhances the quality and efficiency of your writing.
  • Image Generation: This feature uses AI to create contextually relevant and visually appealing images for articles. These images can be generated on-demand to complement the written content.
  • Text-to-Speech: Handywriter can transform written content into high-quality speech. This feature makes the site more accessible and engaging, expanding the reach of the content.
  • Plagiarism Checker: To ensure the originality of the content, Handywriter includes a plagiarism checking feature. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity and uniqueness of the content.


Handywriter has developed pricing plans keeping businesses of all sizes in mind. The “Starter” plan ($9.99/month) includes all the key features and gives access to 10.000 monthly credits. You can get more credits, 25.000, by upgrading to the “Pro” plan ($19.99/month). If content creation is your main job, the “Business” plan ($49.99/month) with 100.000 credits and priority support might be the right choice for you.

4. AI ChatBot

advanced ChatGPT plugin on WordPress Plugins page

AI ChatBot is yet another great ChatGPT plugin for handling multiple tasks with just one tool. You can use AI ChatBot to boost your customers’ experience and generate unique content easily. AI ChatBot stands out with its easy-to-use interface and no-coding experience: simply install the chatbot, configure it from the backend, add FAQs, and display it on your website’s front end as a floating button. 

AI ChatBot will help you lower your website’s bounce rate, engaging your audience with a flexible chatbot that works in any language. It will result in more page views and longer user time on your site. 

Integrate the chatbot with a live chat support add-on to get the perfect mixture of AI and humans and elevate your customer support. The integrations with Open AI Writer, AI Content Generator, and Dall-E 2 will let you generate high-quality texts, messages, and images. 

Key features  


AI Chatbot has three yearly pricing packages for businesses with different needs. The “Starter” plan, as the name implies, is best for starters. It costs $49, supports one WP site, and has OpenAI and DialogFlow integrations and chatbot themes. The “Professional” plan includes everything in “Starter,” plus conversational forms, WooCommerce and OpenAI GPT-3 modules. The “Professional” plan will leave no boundaries: it includes a live chat module, Messenger, Telegram, and WhatsApp integrations, and multi-language and voice support. 

5. AiBud WP

one of the best ChatGPT plugins on WordPress Plugins directory

AiBud WP is a multifunctional plugin that will become your personal assistant in many steps of your working process. It is not solely about generating content and images but rather about the advanced features AiBud WP comes with afterward. Harnessing the latest AI technology, this plugin lets you generate content in 40 languages, choose the appropriate tone for them, make them SEO-friendly, proofread them, and translate them into 30+ languages. 

AiBud WP comprises three main modules: Content Builder, Image Generator, and Playground. Content Builder generates high-quality texts with a single prompt. Image Generator works based on input: simply type your keywords and descriptions, and voila, your image is ready. Playground allows you to give your instructions to AI to customize it to your content and specific needs. 

AiBud WP is quite flexible in terms of writing style. You have plenty of options: descriptive, informative, argumentative, technical, etc. Likewise, you can choose from 15+ writing tones, ensuring you always have the appropriate text for any case. 

Key features

  • Create posts and generate content in 40 languages
  • Choose the content style (writing style, tone, etc.)
  • Bulk builder
  • WooCommerce product writer
  • SEO Tips
  • Generate images of any kind (realistic, cartoon, etc.)
  • Precise solutions with a trained chatbot, instructions, and commands


The pricing of this comprehensive tool starts at $3.99/month only with single-site support. Upgrade to the other pro plans, which cost $10.99/month and $35.99/month with five- and 5000-site support, respectively. 

Wrapping Up

As we wrap up the exploration of the best ChatGPT plugins, it becomes clear that all these plugins excel in different processes. Some are the best for customer support, the rest come in more handy in the back end of your website. Some are the best options for content generation, the others are best for refining them. In this article, you have learned about five of the best ChatGPT plugins with all their key features. The turn is now yours to understand what you need in the first place. 

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