Quiz Maker VS HD Quiz: Which is the Best Quiz Plugin for WordPress

WordPress quizzes are interactive elements meant to enhance website traffic, stay time, and lead generation strategies. When speaking about the WordPress quiz plugins the first tools that come to mind are two industry giants – Quiz Maker and HD Quiz. Both are very handy to meet users’ preferences and needs perfectly. Whether you want to enhance the user experience on your website, provide visitors with a smooth quiz interface, or unique quiz types, you can use these tools on your WordPress. But which quiz plugin is more specifically outshining with a plethora of features that make the website owners’ quiz-making process quicker and easier? In this article, you will find the answer to this question. This comparison will smoothly guide you toward the best quiz plugin for WordPress.

But before starting to compare both tools, let’s look at them separately.

Quiz Maker – Leading Quiz Plugin for WordPress

WordPress Quiz Maker Plugin

If you are looking to enhance your WordPress site’s performance and stay time with attractive quizzes, tests, or exams, then you should look no further than to activate the Quiz Maker plugin. Scoring more than 20,000 active installations and a proven 5-star rating on WordPress, the Quiz Maker plugin is a very handy tool with a simple, yet powerful interface. Offering a wide variety of features Quiz Maker is a go-to tool to attract new visitors and convert them into qualified leads within just minutes.

Quiz Maker’s thousands of helpful features will transform your quiz-building process making it as easy as pie.

Question Types

You can find a wide selection of question types to utilize in your quiz-creating process. This includes:

  • Multiple- choice
  • Text
  • Number
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Checkbox
  • Radio
  • Matching
  • Drop down, and many others.

This diversity will assist you in building fascinating quizzes with your desired style and purposes. Your website visitors will highly appreciate quizzes’ responsive design and simple interface that make the quiz-taking process even more convenient than you might think.

PayPal Integration for Quiz Monetization

You can experience seamless PayPal integration with a Quiz Maker plugin. The features enable website owners to set a different price for each quiz thus monetizing your quiz content easily. This, in turn, will give you an opportunity to implement the concept of premium quizzes to your website thus increasing your revenue.

Quiz Content Copy Protection

You can prevent other users from copying your quiz content, translating it, or pasting it in various search engines, such as Google. This is to maintain your website content uniqueness making the user experience more challenging.

Exam Success Certificates

The Quiz Maker plugin enables you to automatically generate exam success certificates to reward users who take the quizzes on your website. You can totally customize the certificates to match your website design.

Export/Import Features

With the WordPress Quiz Maker plugin, you will not be required to write down all the questions and answers on another page if you want to use them on the other platform. The plugin enables smooth import/export features with CSV, XLSX, or JSON formats. This saves you time and effort to transfer quizzes to another website or simply print the question for offline usage.

Results Charts Generation

With this plugin, you can easily analyze user behavior on your website. This is through the visually attractive quiz results charts that will provide you with a comprehensive overview of your WordPress site users’ performance.

3rd Party Integrations

Quiz Maker seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of 3rd party tools and plugins, such as WooCommerce, Email Marketing Tools (Convert Kit, Mailchimp, Active Campaign, GetResponse), Project Management Tools (Zapier, Slack), Google Spreadsheet, Payment Tools (Stripe, PayPal), etc. Using these third-party integrations you can enhance the quizzes’ performance on your website and keep strong relationship with your site visitors.

Seamless Email Configuration

With this plugin, you can easily customize email settings by highlighting the sender’s email address, name, subject line, etc. so that both participants and admins are aware of quiz duration, entries, and scores.

Controlled User Permissions and Roles

You can set a specific user role and permission to access the plugin within the admin dashboard.

Quiz Scheduler

With this plugin, you are allowed to set start and end dates for your quizzes so that these elements can automatically expire from your WordPress site after a certain time frame.

Result-Based Messages

You can include participants with various messages and visuals according to quiz results. So, you can provide a personalized user experience on your website.

Shortcode Usage

Using shortcodes will help you showcase quiz history with ease by embedding user data with a table on their page.

Control Over Quiz Difficulty

Through this function, you can combine hard and easy questions thus approving a fair quiz-scoring system.


The Quiz Maker plugin offers both free and Pro versions. Here are the one-time prices for the advanced paid version:

  • Business – $59
  • Developer – $149
  • Agency – $299

HD Quiz: Ultimate Quiz Builder for WordPress

Quiz Plugin for WordPress

HD Quiz is another user-friendly plugin enabling WP users to build high-converting quizzes on WordPress. Currently, it has more than 7,000 active installations and a full 5-star rating in the Plugins’ Directory. HD Quiz outshines with its simplicity and comprehensive interface. So, you can build an unlimited number of quizzes with just a few clicks. Both beginner users and developers can highly leverage the plugin’s features with available shortcodes and Gutenberg Block compatibility.

Customization Features

HD Quiz offers not only a plethora of visualization features but also seamless customization features. These options make this tool highly accessible to all types of users. Being highly matchable with your website design, the HD Quiz plugin automatically adopts your WordPress theme’s fonts and styles, surely allowing you to further customize them.

Question Types

There are various quiz types supported by this plugin:

  • Multiple-choice
  • Text-based
  • Image-based
  • Text input
  • Headings for question categorization

Quiz Timer and Animation Visual

There are two types of timers that you can implement into your quizzes:

  • Per quiz timer
  • Per question timer

The timer adds urgency sense and interactiveness to your quizzes that effortlessly increase quiz engagement.

Besides the plugin supports animations and GIFs that are attractive elements adding not only the quiz informativeness but also appealing visuals.

Quiz Result Customization

The HD Quiz plugin enables users to showcase correct and incorrect answers and inform quiz takers about the passing correct answer percentage. Through this option, users are smoothly provided with a highly personalized experience.

Sharing on Social Networks

In order to enhance the quiz’s organic reach, users are allowed to share them on Social media, particularly on Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to the mentioned features, the plugin offers a wide range of educational material, tutorials, and how-to guides, so that even beginners can use the plugin with ease. Besides, the plugin is always developing to provide more dynamic and interactive features.


HD Quiz is a totally free tool available for installation on the WordPress Plugins Directory.

Quiz Maker VS HD Quiz: Which is a Better Quiz Plugin for WordPress?

As we looked at two prominent tools separately it is time to make a Quiz Maker VS HD Quiz comparative analysis to understand which one stands out with its features and settings.

So, both Quiz Maker and HD Quiz offer advanced quiz-building features to transform your website with these interactive elements.

1. Question Types for Quizzes

In the case of question types, the Quiz Maker plugin offers a wider selection, such as text, number, multiple-choice, checkboxes, radio, etc. As for HD Quiz, the plugin offers just 4 question types, as well as headings for question categorization. So, if you want to customize your website quizzes including a good variety of question types, then you should definitely choose Quiz Maker over HD Quiz.

2. Quiz Monetization

Quiz Maker plugin enables website owners to monetize premium quizzes through PayPal and Stripe integration. Meanwhile, HD Quiz does not provide the quiz monetization feature, at all.

3. Quiz’s Granular Control

Quiz Maker offers detailed control over quiz elements, such as combining easy and hard questions within a single quiz. However, HD Quiz does not focus on this feature.

4. Quiz Outcomes Customization

Both tools provide a plethora of quiz result customization options to approve personalized user experience on your website.

5. Quiz Certifications

While the Quiz Maker plugin enables users to be automatically rewarded with quiz-passing certificates, HD Quiz does not include certificate generation tools.

6. Beginner-Friendly Shortcodes

Both Quiz Maker and HD Quiz allow users to use quiz shortcodes to display quiz history or embed it whenever they want on your WordPress site.

7. Comparing Other Features

In addition to the mentioned functions, Quiz Maker ensures Import/Export options, seamless integrations with different platforms, quiz password protection, etc. thus smoothly standing out from the WordPress HD Quiz plugin.

HD Quiz is a totally free plugin, while Quiz Maker offers both free and pro versions to ensure users have a flexible choice opportunity for accessing more professional features.

To Wrap Things Up..

The WordPress Quiz Maker and HD Quiz plugins match different user preferences. Quiz Maker provides professional features, including content copyright protection, perfect visualization, secure operation, important 3rd party integrations, and monetization options to not only engage new visitors but also generate solid revenue with quizzes.

On the other hand, HD Quiz prioritizes simple design, quick customization options, and beginner-friendliness.
Even though both plugins greatly contribute to enhanced engagement on your website, your choice between the two depends on the perspectives you have related to implementing quizzes on your WordPress site.

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