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Great website design grabs users’ attention at first glance. One of the most efficient ways to engage more visitors providing enhanced user experience on your site is using WordPress popups. From website subscriptions to product promotions – popups are perfect ways to boost conversion and sales on WordPress. But how to build attractive popups if you do not have programming skills? Luckily, WordPress offers a wide variety of popup plugins with lots of helpful features to create high-converting and engaging popups even for non-tech-savvy users. So, in this article, we will explore the top list of the best popup plugins for WordPress offering not only paid but also free tools with advanced popup-building features.

Why Use Popup Plugins on WordPress?

WordPress popup plugins bring to the table a wide variety of features that aim to prominently increase user engagement and conversions. The main functionality of these plugins is creating attractive pop-up windows on WordPress by enabling seamless customization that makes the process even quicker than you might think. 

So, what are the main reasons you should consider when adding popups to your WordPress site?

  1. Growing Email List: Popups are primarily used to collect email subscriptions. In this case, popups mainly include subscription forms to move users to subscribe to your website updates or to receive newsletters, upcoming promotions, free offers, etc. So, popups are great elements of lead magnets.
  2. Promo Offers: Popup plugins are successfully used to highlight some important events, offers, or website news to a random user. Popups quickly grab users’ attention by calling them to action.
  3. Site Maintenance Notifications and Alerts: If your website is under construction, or there are several policies changed, then popups can efficiently serve as a way to notify users about these important changes and make sure they receive information.
  4. Calling Users to Action: Another benefit of popup plugins is that they can strategically move users to make a specific action toward your business. In other words, popups are attractive call-to-action elements.

Moreover, the most advanced popup plugins offer a wide array of features to customize popup templates according to your brand style. As well as they enable website owners to change popup content and define appropriate timing, and appearance. In other words, you have all the needed assets to implement a targeted popup message to your website to generate qualified leads for a certain purpose.

Best Popup Plugins for WordPress: 2024’s Updated List

As soon as we explored the main benefits of popups in the previous section, we should move forward to look at the best list of popup plugins for WordPress.

1. Popup Box

Best Popup Plugins for WordPress

Popup Box is one of the greatest popup plugins available for free downloads on WordPress. Currently, it has more than 20,000 active installations and a 5-star rating that speaks for the customers’ trust and loyalty.

With this plugin, you will seamlessly enjoy the popup-building process that is as easy as pie and quicker than you might think. And one more attractive fact is that you do not need programming skills to work with this plugin.

Offering up to 15 different types of popups, the Popup Box plugin is an advanced tool with a wide suite of features, such as:

  • Shortcode implementing features
  • Custom content with basic HTML knowledge
  • Subscription-leading popups
  • Video displaying popups
  • Iframe code implementation
  • Countdown
  • Cookies
  • File download, etc.

You can customize the popup’s colors, text, and layouts with a wide variety of customization features offered in this plugin. This enables you to showcase a popup that will ideally suit your website design and brand personality. Moreover, you can implement custom CSS to make some changes that you can not complete with the plugin’s default options.

You can leverage the plugin to build an unlimited number of popups that serve various purposes on different pages of your website. If you want to transfer visuals or other functionalities from other plugins to your website through the popup then you can do this through shortcodes. Live preview eases your operation enabling you to make changes quicker than ever.


There are plenty of features to build popups through the Popup Box plugin for free. However, for many advanced features, such as Email Marketing integrations, countdown, cookie popups, inactivity triggers, etc. you should activate one of the Pro plans of the plugin:

  • Business – $59
  • Developer – $149

2. Popup Builder by OptinMonster

OptinMonster Popup Plugin

If you are looking to find a plugin that will help you grow your subscriber list, increase your sales percentage, and help grow your business, then OptinMonster is your best choice. The plugin has over 1 million active installations on WordPress.

Such features as popup campaigns, subscription forms, sticky popup notifications, and popup spins can be created through this plugin. You can build more than 10 types of attractive popups through this plugin.

Drag and drop maker offers you an easy and fast operation with pre-built popup templates. One of the greatest features of this plugin is the Exit intent popup creation and on-site retargeting that prevents users from leaving your website without making a conversion.


Such advanced features as Email Marketing platform integrations, training and premium support, popup countdown, UTM targeting, etc. are available in the Pro version of this plugin. Here, you can check the pro plans:

  • Basic – $16 per month
  • Plus – $19 per month
  • Pro – $69 per month
  • Growth – $99 per month

3. Popup Maker

WordPress Popup Maker Plugin

The WordPress Popup Maker plugin is the next well-known plugin among WordPress users scoring more than 700,000 active installations. Offering a wide variety of popup types to create a Popup maker is a great funnel to your company’s lead generation strategies and revenue growth.

Not only can you create subscription popups, but also special offers, announcements, and alerts through the Popup Maker plugin.

With this plugin, users are allowed to customize the popup open triggers and functions, like opening automatically, with a button click, etc.

This plugin is highly compatible with the most famous form plugins, such as WPForms, Caldera Forms, Ninja Forms, etc, as well as Email Marketing platforms like Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, etc.

Moreover, with the Popup Editor, you will get an opportunity to adjust popup size and position, as well as add animation details, and make changes to the content. To show your website visitors relevant content, you can target a specific segment of your website to see the popup. This is through the plugin’s Conditions options.


You can build perfect popups on your website by just using the Popup Maker plugin’s free version. However, to access such features, as exit intent, advanced analytics, targeting, and other beneficial functions, you need to activate the plugin’s Pro version at these prices:

  • Start – $87 per year
  • Grow – $147 per year
  • Optimize – $247 per year

4. WP Popups

WP Popups Plugin

Another tool from our best popup plugins list is WP Popups. This template builder scores more than 30,000 active installations on WordPress enabling users to customize popup templates easily without hassles. Moreover, no coding skills are required to use this plugin on your website. You can use this popup plugin to show some important messages, for instance, an EU Cookie notice, or grow your subscriber list with various call-to-action buttons, etc. The WP Popups plugin suits almost all your needs.

Many valuable integrations with famous forms and Email Marketing plugins make WP Popups a handy tool to use on your WordPress site.

Offering a wide variety of filters, this plugin enables you to combine them for better popup conversions.


Premium version of the WP Popups plugin greatly enhances the plugin’s operational capabilities adding to the existing free features such options as Exit intent technology, geolocation, scheduler, A/B testing, etc.

To access these advanced features, you should activate one of the existing pricing packages:

  • Basic – $70 per year
  • Plus – $199 per year
  • Pro – $399 per year
  • Agency – $599 per year

5. Popup Builder

Popup Builder Plugin

The last plugin from our list is Popup Builder hitting over 200,000 activations on WordPress. Those who are going to use popups for multiple purposes will highly benefit from this plugin. This is because the WordPress Popup Builder plugin offers a wide variety of popup types, events, and conditions helping users to reach a high level of conversions.

More tech-savvy users will appreciate custom JS/CSS coding opportunities aiming to provide a wider customization experience.

The plugin integrates with such widely known plugins, as WooCommerce, Ninja and Gravity forms, Polylang, Divi page builder, as well as mapping plugins, etc.


If you decide to use the plugin’s free version you will still get the most out of it to increase your website engagement and boost conversions. However, the plugin’s Pro version is what you need to enjoy its more professional and advanced features.

  • Starter – $49.95
  • Business – $89.95
  • Agency – $145.95

To Wrap Things Up…

As we conclude on the best popup plugins for WordPress, it becomes clear that these tools are a significant part of websites by seamlessly providing popup customization options. This mainly reduces efforts put into the popup-building process while publishing attractive and conversion-leading popups on WordPress.

No matter what purpose you have whether it is enhancing user experience, growing your email list, or boosting promotional offers, you can find the right popup plugin to fit your website needs. By leveraging the plugins’ advanced features you can transfer your WordPress site into a more attractive, user-orientated, and interactive platform.

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